Our French headchef is now offering some great meal to be brought home !
Always using local product, always fresh, prepared in a secure way.
Success and Availability: Please note, On Sunday, some fresh product may not be available for late orders.
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Take-away service is closed this week, and may resume  from 16th of July.


To Start with ...
Scallops, saffron Cream and Leeks 8€
 ( Dairy, Shellfish, Guten Free )
  Black pudding and haddock fish cake. 7€
Prawns cocktail and grapefruit. 8€
( Eggs, Shellfish, Gluten Free )

Salmon terrine with an inch of crab meat served with homemade tartar sauce  7.5€
Gluten free; crab
Chicken Terrine served  with Tikka masala sauce 7.00€

Salmon Terrine seasonal starter

New starter

Fresh salmon terrine with red fruits salad.

The world Gate restaurant scallop, saffron cream and leeks

Fresh chicken terrine with red fruits salad. seasonal starter - chicken terrine

Let's continue with..

Mains course
Supreme of chicken, white wine, french mustard, onions, roasted with French cheese.
(Gluten Free; Mustard, Dairy)
Beef bourguignon  stew 15€
(Gluten Free, Sulfits)
  "vol au vent" with Scallops and prawns.18€
 (Dairy, Sellfish, Sulfits. Gluten Free)
Monkfish à la parisienne 22€
(Gluten Free, Dairy, Fish, Sulfit)
All the mains served with baby Potatoes, basmati Rice or leaves.

father's day - termonfeckin louth "les paupiettes"

Special of the week

***French cuisine lover***
For the Father's day, we have prepared a traditional and very popular dish in France. "les paupiettes"

Duo of Turkey "Paupiettes", stuffed, no string. Served with gratin dauphinois

of the week 18th of June - 21st June. Limited quantity.

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Tomahawk Termonfeckin
***New***   FAMILY SPECIAL ***New***

We have prepared for this occasion, a quality n-the bone Rib Steak. matured 50 days. Best meat just like in the fine dining.Much more tender and softer!
comes with baby potatoes and Béarnaise sauce and other sides.
75€ ( instead of 90€ usually seen) to be divided between 4 or more people on  the table or outside on barbecue !
Limited quantity.

RIB-EYE by the World Gate

Our headchef Thomas is  delighted to present,  a beautiful RIB EYE masterpiece, chosen by  Eddy Tuite Butcher.

The piece of 1kg250 will be prepared (pre-cut and marked) ready to be finished in your oven!
You will decide how you like it to be cooked. From rare to medium ( instruction will be provided).
Served with baby potatoes and many other sides...
With, the most beautiful french sauce : The Béarnaise.
To share between 3,4 Meat lover!.Only 67€the whole meal !
Per person, It's only 16.75€ each dish. Economical

Ending with..

Desserts  4€
Red fruit strudel
"Fondant au chocolat" (Ready to Cook at home)
( Dairy, Flour)
Panna Cotta and coulis
(Gluten Free, Dairy)
Served with chantilly Cream.

White chocolate cheese cake and red fruits (5€)

Also Some Interesting alternatives

PIES (2/3 pers) 18cm ----
Quiche Lorraine (10€)
Leeks, Salmon and goat cheese   (11.50€)
Crab meat and tomatoes with mustard (12.50 €)

Family pack: (22cm) Large Pies for 6 people Get some mix idea here.

Quiche Lorraine (17.00€)
Leeks, Salmon and goat cheese   (19.50€)
Crab meat and tomatoes with mustard (21.50 €)
Crab meat and tomatoes with mustard

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Cheese board (8.50€)

A new selection of French & Irish cheeses served with its fresh walnut bread.
Each bite is powerful, juicy and tasty ! adding some good wine that's a something BIG !
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Vegetarian meal

Veggy Burger
Double vegetable steak and curry. Quinoa and cheese.
comes with baby potatoes19€

Soft Drinks

Coke, Diet Coke, zero coke, Fanta, Sprite (330 ml) €3.00

Bottle of water (still and sparkling) 3.80€

Beers & Cider

Guinness, Charas Leann; Budweiser, Coors light, Boyne Lager; Hop house 13 Lager (500ml) €5.00

Leffe, (330ml) Bottles €4.30

Cooney (500ml) 6€; Lamhog. Maker reserve (500ml) €6; Cockagee 750ml. €17.5


Picpoul de Pinet AOP –   27.00€
(Pear & yellow apple flavours)
Vin d’Alsace Mader - 32.50€
Pouilly Fumé AOC - 39.50€
Sauvignon Blanc.
Macon villages AOC - 34.95€


  Haut Rian Rosé 2018 -

(Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon)

Preignes le Vieux 2018.

24.50€.Cabernet Sauvignon

Fleurie AOP. 36.50€ Gamay

Crozes Hermitage AOC. 38.00€

How to order ?
3 easy steps to follow

1 - Send your menu request in writing
with your detail ( Name,with your phone if possible)

 * by email       info@theworldgaterestaurant.com
* Using the contact form in our website.click here.

In your email, You may want to copy/past the template proposed below:
Starter :
Main :
Drinks :
Payment wished :
Time wished to be collected at the restaurant:

Evening : order from 8.00AM - 14.00PM - collection from 18.00 - 20.00pm
(6.00pm - 6.15 - 6.30 - 6.45 - 7.00 etc.)
Lunch time : order from 17.30 - 23.00 - Collection from 12.00 -14.00pm
(12.00am - 11.15 - 11.30 - 11.45 - 12.00 etc.)
Sunday : collection from 12.45pm

Phone :
This is recommended to ring me directly (instead of landline) :
Stan : #087 1493. 688.

2 - Payment
To reduce the cash usage, we recommend :

*Please prepare the exact amount when collecting
*Online&CB payment : You have the choice :

If you know the amount, you may send directly your payment to :
- PayPal paypal.me/stan2018

you may receive an invoice to your email address so you can pay easily by PayPal
  Price have been discounted for the takeaway experience.

If you wish to add the PayPal buyer protection and pay as   "Good&service" of PayPal, 3€ will be added for the coverage. Otherwise, this will be refunded to you when paying as Friend and Family.
PayPal has the same security standard as a terminal.
  Payment by card at the restaurant will resume in July.

Minimum order wished 25€.

3 - Collection at the restaurant

Simply come and collect in a second ! 

All ingredients are freshly prepared with the same level of attention as if you were at the World Gate. Therefore we need more time to prepare your meal in comparison to a regular take away.

Tables will presented outside of the restaurant, to minimize any contact and keep you safe.

In a "one way system".

When ordering ? proposed time :
Evening meal: order morning time from 8.00AM - 14.00PM - collection from 18.00 - 20.00pm
Lunch time : pls order from 17.30 - 21.00pm - Collection from 12.00 -14.00pm the next day.
Sunday collection from 13.00pm

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday closed.
(still taking any order for collection for Thursday lunch)
Voucher can be redeemed from 15th of September 2020.

Availability on Sunday
: Fresh produce are received in limited quantity. We are making our best best effort to have them for every dish. However some of them, may not be available on Sunday. Feel free to ask availability on that day.

Thanks for your cooperation
and for reading this loooong page ! well done!

To end on a nice note, for your entertainment, we have made this short video, to thanks everyone who are actually ordering their meal through us and supporting this new initiative in Louth & Meath.

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