Fresh news on

we will be on the spotlight to present our specials in Drogheda leader and drogheda life.

It's now time to visit the world gate restaurant in termonfeckin to try our range of finest dishes.

Our low Pricing remain unchanged for your benefit

we have improved our beef bourguignon, with lamb and bacon !

we are in the progress to refresh our outdoor

and preparing an alsace dish for the whole family.

We also are thinking to accommodate larger group for lunch time.

From the 16th of June we will partner with just eat.
Any houses closed from Drogheda will now being able to order through JUST EAT.

For this occasion we have developed Some mini dishes/ Tapas and revisited our kids menu.

Our new selection cocktails  has arrived, just in time for our Summer

Sex on the beach

Blue lagoon
Plus We now offer Gin and tonic, APEROL spritz

and more..

Our official reopening day will take place on the Friday 22nd of April 2022
Thank you for your patience!

  pre opening day will take from Thurday 21/04 from 12.30pm

We are finalizing our last details.
Please check our next update.


After the tragic pandemic situation that pause our live for 2 years, and
 our long battle to recover from this, we are delighted to announce

we will be reopening our door on the 31st March 2022 at 17.30pm

We will start over with a new menu that include
some French classic and now some Irish cuisine

We will gradually  evolve through seasonality and unique meals & combination.

"Just be kind each other"

We will be back Shortly in 2022

We have stopped taking booking for December 2021.
New family Menu will be disclosed in January/February 2022

thank you and Be safe

9th december 2021
We are working on our christmas eve meal.

Children will have 3 choices with one plain option available.

we have few table left.

thank you

special closure on sunday 28th November

We have now finalized our lunch menu for the end of year.

The main novelty is our "Tarte flamblée" sort of Pizza made in the east of France.
It differs of the type of dough and the sauce. It's very light and crunchy!

But we are not becoming an  pizzeria ! ;-)

This October,
We have received Fantastic chocolate box made by the best artisan of France. Nothing less !
You deserve the best of France !

Hampers are on their way also and some treat, from France. ;-)


In September, we have :
- created a new menu
- Decorated our front of house with Flowers
- Improved our service to you

Even at the End of his season, the Lobster is always magic !

Here the story of an ancien French story about the man who made his lobster his pet ! click here

27th September
We have added some beautiful winter flowers to our outdoor.

06th of September 2021
New autumn menu is on its way !

Covid_19 and the consequences on the hospitality industry
This Covid_19  pandemic has seriously disturbed the normal flow of many restaurants.
Therefore, You may experience during the service
- Some delay & longer waiting time.
- Less choice in your booking time
- shorter dining time
- other restrictions (documents) imposed by the health authority.

Please be comprehensive of this new reality, that hopefully will be behind us in the next months.

26/07/21 : In door Dining
As per government guideline, indoor dining is authorized for the person who will show :
-1) covid vaccination certificate (paper or phone) or  covid_19 vaccination card
-2) ID card
The name on the both document should match and
A record will be held for traceability purpose.
Alternatively, outdoor dining remains the main sitting area.

Father's day week end
For this special occasion, we believe the right meal would be some delicious duck
comes with some nice vegetable & sauce.

limited outdoor seating. Take away option will be offered.

We have received our first guests in our new outdoor.
They have tried our coffee shop/ bristo lunch & evening menu

Please note, as the number of seats are very limited, there will be only one person at the restaurant for service.
Feel free to call out for any inquiry during your stay with us.

01/06/2021 - 06/07/2021
Our car has shown some mechanical issue.
Unfortunately, the restaurant remains closed exceptionally until these are getting resolved.
But we are still preparing our outdoor dining. Something nice&cozy.

Two areas & Two experience
We are introducing the coffee shop experience:
In the restaurant area, during the friday night until sunday, we will continue offering our French cuisine.
In the Coffee shop experience, we will open our door for the lunch and evening during the week.
(First floor, outside)

The extreme extension of the restriction made the living cost too expensive for our current headchef Thomas Fleury.
Unfortunately, we had to let him go for better living condition.
Thank you for your support and positivity during these hard days.

New dishes are coming to please our Gluten Free and Vegan customers
 ice cream dessert and loads of vegetables and our creamy sauce.
please check later on wednesday 19/05 to know more..

now available "Vegan ice cream" / Gluten free ice cream

Delivery in Dundalk Area are resuming !
Delivery can be expected from 5.30 pm to 6.30pm on Saturday 1st May.
Last collection at the restaurant, will be then reduced to  5.00PM on that day.

May is coming with the sun light, so we need something fresh and light to start with !
That's why we have now a lovely combination of Crab and guacamole for this week.

To start with, Enjoy a light bite

 Mix of mini toast blini with crab, prawn, "creme fraiche" and salmon.

co. Wexford lamb, slow cooked, finished with a caramelized honey touch, served with linguini, carrots, Roma Tomatoes and Onions.

Optional: Add a touch of tannin red wine Grenache Noire, 2020, Pays d'Oc to power further your lamb. see below.

Ending on a sweet note

Chocolate mousse or Panna cotta or individual apple tart

The full menu (excluding optional wine) :
Already Sold out. Thank you
for 2 pers. Reduced to 48€
For 4 pers. reduced to 96€
For 6 pers. 141€
Available to Order: Friday, Saturday - Sunday

Traditional starter can be added.
30th March 2021
Family meal for this Easter (2 / 4 or 6 people)
 caramelized honey Lamb shank !

from our local butcher  and fresh herbs.

22nd March
For Easter, we have imported an assortment of milk and dark chocolate.
They are made by a best craft-man of France. ! to be tried or offered

18th March 2021
We are working on Coffee Take away and 2 drafts Beer take away !
(we are just resetting these machines again !)

09th March
We will be opened for the st Patrick's day. !

Make sure to send your order from the week-end until Tuesday.
We have applied further down discount for the first month of reopening.

Update 01/03/21
As this now safe to reopen, we have planned to start our Take-away!
Thursday 4th March

Please have a look to our classic and some of our novelties. And this is just a beginning!
Here's some hint

Prawn cocktail with a delicious rosemary sauce with cognac (8€)
Homemade paté with hazelnuts and whisky (7€)
Fresh salmon roulade with mix leaves  (7€)


Marinated fillet steak with baby potatoes& herbs (24.00€)
Our traditional monkfish safran sauce (19.00€)
Our beef bourguignon with our red wine sauce and baby potatoes (15.00€)
Our Mushroom Risotto (18.00€)

Our homemade dessert (5.00€)

Chocolate mousse, with Rum, chocolate truffle and Almond biscuit
strawberry cheesecake
Our traditional apple tart and fruits

Thank you reading and of course for your patience and your interest to our restaurant.

Update  12/02/2021
Sadly, Covid_19 keep delaying our reopening.
despite our best efforts, we won't be in position to be ready this week (Valentine day).

We will be ready for early March, level 5 or not.
Mind yourself Good people

Update 10th/02/2021
Due to circumstance outside of our control (Covid related) the reopening day is likely to be postponed
st Valentine' day.
Last update is scheduled for Friday the 12th.

Update 18/01/2021
We are working on a family take away for the second week of February 2021. Exiting !
Re opening is coming soon ! ( take-away only)

Update 13/01/21:
The restaurant remains closed in January 2021, not to facilitate the spread of the virus. Your heath goes first.

We are working at our new menu and take-away in February 2021.
We hope that the situation will be better in March to reopen our door to public.

We are closed
Our restaurant shall reopen mid January 2021
best wishes for 2021

Cookery lessons

Are you looking something original to offer this year ?
why not offering a voucher to learn from A french headchef how to improve your cookery skills !??
from the "basics french cuisine" to a successful and delicious meal that everyone will love.

to know more about the voucher, please click here.

Christmas gift : The traditional voucher can still be purchased ! it will be sent to your email address to be printed.
please email us for further information.


Update 04th/12/20
As the government is not likely to set level 2 in the country in January 2021, and not to facilitate the spread of the virus
 The World Gate restaurant remains closed in December 2020.

Hospitality industry needs to be opened for months to be viable to pay all actors & locals artisans.
So we have decided  to sacrifice our busy season, good laugh and all of our festive creativity (with the ICA association) to protect our future, our local partners and the health of our customers.

But don't worry, we are already preparing our come back
for mid January 2021 or mid February 2021.

ahead of our last days of take-away ( up  to the 6th of December), we are wishing you well and a great family&friends reunions.

pre-booking is now opened

Very soon, The government is set to decide how our festive season will be. Ahead of this, if allowed, our restaurant may be opened for the 2 first  week of December 2020. limited days only. With a set menu, really festive.
pre-Book your table of 4 or more with us and have a meaningful diner in December.

As usual, we will come back to you about your booking. to book, click here

The set menu will be announced shortly.

Set menu for december

  For this festive season, The World Gate invites you to follow the proposed valse of flavours and delicately presented.
A set course in 7 acts. 65€ pps (subject of approval)

Let's begin with..
Our new "Amuses bouches" (appetizers)
Foie gras with its Ginger bread
Sabayon Lobster with its salad
Stuffed chicken and Truffes with Celeri-rave mash and Asparagus
Selection of Cheese
Beautiful homemade Christmas cake
Mignardise maison ( homemade sweets)

Everything is thinking and prepared from our kitchen, so you can enjoy your moment in a relaxing ambiance.

special christmas

This is possible to pre-order our foie gras for your Christmas table
Our homemade Hamper !
click here for more information.

New and bubbles ! 17/11/20
New menu updated
and again.... a bottle of champagne is giving away, randomly from the 30th order.

Delivery option: Qkangaroo stopped
(15th nOVEMBER 2020)

After an extended period of test during the covid restriction, the qkangaroo delivery option has revealed the service was not really useful as initially thought.
Only a few percentage of customers were using the app to pick up or to get delivered during the current restriction.

Don't worry, we will continue to step in, and offer this facility on demand.
We have also adjusted and reduced the cost of the service. we keep delivering for free in the Village.

Wednesday, 4th November 2020

World Gate Restaurant re-opens for take-away service

This week, Drogheda Life newspaper, has kindly announced  our re opening.

To view the article, please click here.

To Start with ...
if you like sharing a dish this is an ideal starter
Charcuterie / Delicatess on board
Saucisson; Garlic Saucisson, Ham, paté
Duo of hot Goat and brie cheese,
puff pastry base. 8€
"Foie Gras and figs" 15€
Special christmas
A "foie gras" of 500gr or 1kg can be pre-ordered and defrost for christmas.70€/120€)
Prawn Cocktail
and red fruits. 8€
( Eggs, Shellfish, Gluten Free )
Pheasant Terrine served with rillette 8.00€
Scallops with Leek cream,mushroom and champagne 10€
( Molluscs,)
Main course

***New special***
  Homemade fresh Raviole and prawns within its sauce. Served with salad.32€



"Beef Bourguignon" stew 18€
  Tender Beef pieces slow cooked within Red wine with carrots, bacon and baby potatoes. (Gluten Free, Sulfides)
Monkfish with leek and saffron cream 24€
(Gluten Free, Dairy, Fish, Sulfide)
Traditional Tartiflette with muster cheese 16€
bacon, Potatoes, white wine, muster cheese
Sot l'y laisse á la façon "Gaston Gerard" 19€

Oyster of chicken, white wine, French mustard, onions roasted with French cheese. (new recipe)

(Gluten Free; Mustard, Dairy)

Our Vegetarian Option

Risotto with truffle (or Morel).26€

  mains served with baby Potatoes, basmati Rice and leaves.

 Chocolate tart, and praline within its Chocolate base 6.5€
( 70% dark chocolate, grand Cru Venezuela)
Gluten free. May contain nuts (almond)
Lemon meringue tart.6.5€
( Dairy, Flour)
Panna Cotta and coulis 5.5€
(Gluten Free, Dairy)
The famous " tarte Tatin" served with a Vanilla Double cream 6€
 Individual caramelized Apple tart placed on a soft base. 
Annual closure :
We took the decision to  move our annual closure from 26th of October to the 21st of October.
(until the 4th of November 2020)

We will be back on the first week of November. GET READY and SAVE THE DATE !

All is gonna be alright.
Stay home, cozy with your beloved one ;-)
from our small team : Stan &Thomas & Brendan & Ryan


Some beautiful feedback, that's really encouraging us t move forward and improve the old take away feeling

06th October 20
"Once more, The World Gate is pushing our cuisine even further with the Take Away.
There is no reason to stop Covid or not. You deserve having great meal, great sauces and fantastic produce (Irish and French).
It's not just food, it's complex cuisine made of, a little bit of France and Ireland Flavors and a little bit of  knowledge from both countries used by our craftsmen"
We are definitively proud to be at the border between Louth and Meath region despite the current difficulties and all restriction currently applied. But we will keep our creativity up for your entertainment.

06th October 2020 :
 event on hold due to new covid restrictions. waiting on Further government information.

special evening
mini canapé and live session.
On the 10 th of October, we will do another session of our special night.
Everyone guests will receive a variety of mini canapé (tappas) as amuses bouche, starter, dessert and one main for the unqiue price of 35€ per person.
Plus, we will host for the second time a live session.
Everyone can chose his/ her own drinks from GLS of champagne to the draft beer or beautiful wine to experience something unique. (Drinks are not included in the set menu).
During this special evening, the traditional menu&special won't be proposed on that night.

To have an idea of this different evening, you can watch our video click here.
( (celebration)

download the Qkangaroo app
or just pick up at the restaurant
NOW LIVE _ Q-kangaroo app is now accepting order for a selected days.
Order from home and pick up or Get Delivered !


To simplify your meal Take-away, we are making a test on a new delivery system.
With a selected time and days, you will be able to get a quality meal directly to your home. !
Same quality meal ; Take-Away price; easier for you.

We will also increase the current offer this week.
For delivery, please download NOW the free app from their website :
Available from the 30th of September 2020

Grand cru

Wine pairing
This unique evening is THE event to sublime a fantastic meal, especially designed to go with grand cru wine.
If you want to experiment grand cru wine ( or 1er cru) or you understand about wine, this night is yours !

Each Glass of wine will express its full flavour; time to enjoy high quality wine from its robe; nose; body and all spicy note  that make your wine well appreciated by many professionals. Try  to find the aromas, the note, while our expert Owen will be talking about your wine.
Then, take your time to visualize the beauty of your meal, its colors; its composition. Its smells.
Then have a bite of your unique dish and feel the explosion of flavour, each bite.
From the start to the finish, and you will celebrating in the best way possible the finest of the French culture.

If there is anything to celebrate this year, this evening is the most beautiful way to do so..

1. beautiful homemade recipe of foie gras. served a glass of pink champagne(charpentier)
2. lobster served with a glass of corton _Bressandes (grand cru)2018
3. salmon eggs served with a glass of Chablis (grand cru)

4. "ris de veau" served with a glass of Pommard 2014
5. "pigeon and hot foie gras, served with a glass of Puligny-Montrachet 2016 (1er cru)

6. chocolate cube served with a glass of Chateau Lascombes-Margaux 2015 (2nd grand cru)

85e pp
book now : 041 988 1474 or email
Pricing has been set not to be prohibit or out of range. Same type of event should anywhere from our price to  150 / 250€.
One bottle of grand cru may cost from 200€

Thank you for your trust in the quality of our service to you!

19th Of September.
The outdoor event is now totally cancelled as per government guideline.
As the number of cases has not dropped, the event has to be cancelled.
Please ask for your refund / voucher / participation for our next event.

16th of September. = 3 improvements

1. Thomas has prepared his own personal recipe for its beautiful "Foie gras". The experience is truly amazing; a real explosion of favors (no place has its equal!).
2. We have improved the traditional recipe with the chicken with a much tender piece.!
3. One new starter and one dessert

11th of September 2020
Our cuisine has evolved again. we have 2 new desserts; one new starter
Plus our new dishes on our black board. Did you say foie Gras ??

GLS of champagne offered

Thursday 17th of September from 6.00pm

When was the last time, have you drunken a glass of champagne ? last december  may be ?

For special occasion; to thanks a person or simply because you work hard and you deserve to treat yourself, The World gate offers  on Thursday the 17th a glass of French champagne per person !.
"The limoux" This is the ancestor of the champagne.

All you need to do is to save your evening, bring the best company  and book your spot ( online or by email or by phone).
limited tables.

We have released a short video about our catering event celebrating the end of the Summer.

Our chef is about to release our new lunch offer for the week days.
A set menu with  main & dessert & coffee  around 15 €
a good alternative to wrap and soup !
we will stop our special summer opening hours and getting back to the normal opening hours on the 1st week of september

Take-away. is back this week with two big success during the lock down.
because our regular customers have been asking to see these in our menu again. So be it!
 Our traditional Beef bourguignon with wine sauce  and our cheesecake with fruits.

28th of August !
If the outdoor activity have been reduced, we have a new idea for next friday ! But this time, it will be indoor.
It's new and original.
"There is always something to celebrate at the World Gate restaurant"

Saturday 22nd August the restaurant is fully booked.
please consider booking at early hours ( 5-6pm)


On Tuesday 19th August 2020, the government has reduced the outdoor event from 200 to 15 People.
Following the new guideline, The world Gate restaurant has decided to postpone the French outdoor event to the closest date possible.

In line with the next (state) evaluation scheduled on The 13th of September, The world Gate restaurant may propose two new date so we can still enjoy our safe & pleasant event :
the last week end of September (saturday 29th) or the first week of October (Saturday 5th).

In regards your ticket, you have couple of options.
1. Everyone who wish to get refunded,  we will be happy to do so.
2. convert your ticket into a voucher to dine with us.
3. keep your payment for the next event ( scheduled on the next coming weeks).

All was prepared for that night : music, lovely dishes and craic. But your safety goes first.!
Thank you for your cooperation. Talk to you shortly !


Collecting on the 31st of July 2020 our tickets for our event and showing our new ice cream for this Saturday 1st of August

Bastille day on the social media

It was a case of "ou la la, and Mon Dieu, c’est magnifique" in Termonfeckin last Tuesday as a small group of people gathered at The World Gate Restaurant at An Grianan to launch the first ever Bastille Day celebrations in the area.

We are now Opened !

After many weeks of closure, our doors are now opened ! (since 10th/07/20)
We have for you : The classic (Ground floor); the modern (1st floor) and now our outdoor !
Enjoy our new summer menu and our new draft beers !


On the 10th of July, restaurant will open their doors.
 Add your name to the list now due to a reduced capacity imposed by the government.
Time of booking and day will be disclosed soon !
Further detail will come soon.

Book your seat now!

Please use the contact form

Opening day postpone to the Friday 10th of July. Sorry for the inconvenience !

Our new menu SummerTime is coming very soon !

thank you

Since the beginning of this week, we were very pleased  to see so much enthusiasm for the father'sday.
Thank you for having booked early your meal during all along the week.
we have now reached our full capacity and we wish to make each dish as perfect as possible.
This is why we have decided to stop taking additional order take-away this week end.

Termonfeckin special "les paupiettes" & French cheese and family steak meal

Father's day special

Enjoy a family meal at the world Gate. French cuisine for this week end 21/06/2020

seafood - google search atlantic lobster, no sell with whiskey sauce, drummond, violetta ballymakenny farm and asparagus,

Week of 11th June

It's time "or never" to try a beautiful lobster at Home!

Atlantic Lobster with no shell, flamed with Irish whiskey. Sauce whiskey.
Tomatoes polenta; drummond asparagus; violetta potatoes from Ballykenny farm.
  100% local 100% fresh ! 100% happiness !
only 35€. in other place we may find at 45€/52€. it's now !

of the week 11th of June - 14th June. Limited quantity. Termonfeckin. A92HR26 co louth 11/06/2020

termonfeckin, food louth french restaurant in louth

special of the week

to change from the chicken, we have this week, a very nice pheasant. The quail !
Usually coming from fine dining, the pheasant will be  boneless, finely stuffed (by eddie Tuites) and modified by Thomas.
Comes with gratin dauphinois.
This potatoes are coming from the local supplier ballymakenny farm. Thank you Maria
  4/06/2020. Termonfeckin. A92HR26 co louth

Thank you to all of you for your amazing feedback!
After a busy week, we start the first collection day on Thursday 4th of June at 6.00PM

Just for you, we are opened on Monday 1st June. !
As you know, Any order received after 2pm on Sunday, will be prepared for Monday lunch.
Last order for Monday evening, is 2PM (subject to availability)

special week 28-1st of June

For this special week, until Monday 1st of June, The World Gate has prepared three specials.

New dishes. For the Sea lover and Meat lover. !!!

There is no reason to keep having the same meal everyday. You deserve better !

A - for the sea lover:"Scallops ravioli with langoustine sauce. Comes with Baby leaves".Light and full of flavor!

B - also we have this week,a very tender and delicious piece of Pork, coming straight from our Drogheda Butcher. " Pork cheeks cooked with Irish cider & White wine".

C - And for the whole family, we are preparing a PRIME RIB (tomahawk). or RIB EYE Grilled.

and why not to be cooked on your barbecue for this Sundau monday bank holiday? OMG !

Treat yourself This week !

(Limited quantity. early booking advised before friday). last update 27th/05/20

Merci a vous tous et Bon appetit !

steak - termonfeckin eddie tuite at the world gate restaurant

RIB-EYE by the World Gate

date of release : 6th of May 2020. Termonfeckin
Our headchef Thomas is delighted to present you, this week, a beautiful RIB EYE masterpiece, chosen by Eddy Tuites Butcher. 1kg.
The piece will be prepared (pre cut and pre cooked) ready to be finished in your oven!
You will decide how you like it to be cooked. From rare to medium ( instruction will be provided).
Served with baby potatoes and many other sides...
Come with, the most beautiful french sauce : The Béarnaise.
To share between 3,4 people or 2 Meat lover!

New starter !

Spring is around us, this is time to change...
As it's getting warm, we have now added terrine into our starter.
It's fresh, light, healthy. It's all about the sauce of the terrine.

termonfeckin, food louth new homemade dessert with strawberries and vanilla cream

New! 02/04/20

Our new recipe : a duet of fresh  strawberries tarts

We have a crunchy base with a Vanilla creme that soft the taste and refreshing  taste of a lovely fruit.
Strawberries ?  because Is it not the season ?

Take Away

To view the real and updated menu TAKE AWAY. Please goes to the page called TAKE AWAY.

Below, you may see the first take away offered on the first days of confinement.

From Wednesday 25th March

To continue enjoying our cuisine in a safe environment, we can offer you this short menu:
Unfortunately, we cannot serve certain dishes as the quality will not as per our standard

Scallops, safron Cream and Leeks 
 ( Dairy, Sellfish, Guten Free )
  Black pudding and haddock fish cake.
Praws cocktail and grapefruit.
( Eggs, Sellfish, Guten Free )

Mains course
 Poulet Gaston Gérard. 
Supreme of chicken, white wine, french mustard, onions, roasted with French cheese.
(Gluten Free; Mustard, Dairy)

Bourguignon stew
(Gluten Free, Sulfits)
  "vol au vent" with Scalopps and prawns.
 (Dairy, Sellfish, Sulfits)
Monkfish à la parisienne
(Gluten Free, Dairy, Fish, Sulfit)

All the mains served with baby Potatoes, basmati Rice or leaves.

Red fruit strudel
Fondant chocolate (Ready to Cook at home)
( Dairy, Flour)
Panna Cotta and COULIS
(Gluten Free, Dairy)

Served with chantilly Cream.

Some good alternative below !

PIES (2/3 pers). 18cm
Quiche Lorraine  (10€)
Leeks, Salmon and goat cheese   (11.50€)
Crab meat and tomatoes with mustard  (12.50 €)

Soup of the Day : 6€
Butternut and blue cheese.

Homemade croissant, Irish smoke ham and cheese (7€)
Cheese board
 French cheese & bread

How to order ? 3 easy steps to follow

1 - send your menu request
with your detail ( Name,with your phone if possible)

 * by email to
*by the contact form in our website (

In your email, You may want to copy/past the template proposed below

Starter :
Main :
Drinks :
Payment wished : 
Time wished to be collected:

2 - Payment
To reduce the cash usage, we recommend :

*Please prepare the exact amount when collecting
*Online payment : We will send you an internet invoice totally secured by PayPal.
Minimum order wished 25€.

3 - Collection at the restaurant
For the first orders, please allow 24h to prepare your meal.
All ingredients are freshly prepared with the same level of attention as if you were at the World Gate. Therefore we need more time to prepare your meal in comparison to a regular take away.
Tables will presented outside of the restaurant, to minimize any contact.

proposed time :
Evening : order from 8.00AM - 12.00PM - collection from 17.00 - 20.00pm
Lunch time : order from 17.30 - 21.00 - Collection from 11.00 -14.00pm

Drinks also available
See Below

Drinks available

Soft drinks

Coke, Diet Coke, zero coke, Fanta, Sprite (330 ml) €3.00

Bottle of water (still and sparkling) 3.80€

Beers and orchard

Guinness, Charas Leann; Budweiser, Coors light, Boyne Lager; Hop house 13 Lager (500ml) €5.00

Leffe, (330ml) Bottles €4.30

Cooney (500ml) 6€; Lamhog. Maker reserve (500ml) €6; Cockagee 750ml. €17.5

White and Red Wine

Picpoul de Pinet AOP –   27.00€
(Pear & yellow apple flavours)
Vin d’Alsace Mader  - 32.50€
Pouilly Fumé AOC  - 39.50€
Sauvignon Blanc.
Macon villages AOC  - 34.95€


  Haut Rian Rosé 2018 -

(Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon)

Preignes le Vieux 2018.

24.50€.Cabernet Sauvignon

Fleurie AOP. 36.50€ Gamay

Crozes Hermitage AOC. 38.00€


Take away initiative

As we don't want to re open to public yet for safety reason, why not having your meal ready to go ? So you can still enjoy the World gate flavor / cuisine at home ?

We are thinking putting in place a system, where :

1 - this safe to come & collect your menu as per HSE recommendation
2 - with less cash handling
3 - a good variety of dishes from the starter to dessert!
4 - be in contact with fewer people.
5 - at discount price.
6 - an easy way to place your order

Everything as soon as next Wednesday 25th of March !

we will keep you updated !

First degustation night

If you are a wine lover or you wish tasting a superior wine, this event is for you.!

For the first time, The World Gate restaurant will combine a selection of great wine and "grand cru" with selected dishes especially made for this occasion.
The year, the cepage, the expression of the wine will embrace the associated meal.

The set menu will be made of 4 dishes with 4 glasses of wine.


more information will be posted soon. pre-booking is now available

The event was fully booked. Thank you !
We hope you have enjoyed our little extra made for this special night : Live jazz music and roses offered to our ladies.

Sunday Time 19-01-20

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Sunday Time 19-01-20

"Going place"

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"The newest business in the village sits just inside the aegis of the estate: The world Gate restaurant opened in December. It is a French eatery run b Stan d'Anthouard, who comes from Picardy, in France and spent 12 years working for a multinational in Dundalk. " The menu in many places was very similar, I thought there was an opportunity for a different experience," he says. A long search for a suitable chef eventually brought chef Thomas to Ireland, from a Michelin two-star restaurant in France.
"My ambition is always to produce simple, attractively presented food, sourced from suppliers within 10km of the restaurant," says Thomas.
"I've been in Ireland for only three months, but already when I walk down through Termonfeckin, everybody calls me by name. I do like to converse with the customers, to see their reaction to the menu, and I find the people so friendly. I've already been invited to play golf, and I'm looking forward to it".

Valentine's Day

Have a romantic evening at the World Gate !

Starting with two starters ..
Amuse Bouche and 1 bellini cocktail cup

Foie Gras and figs
followed with  Tuite's Black pudding and fish cake

to be continued with..
Fattened chicken and morels (Mushroom) cream

Let's finish with a sweet note...
A Raspberries and Red fruit Millefeuilles

€39 per pers. Booking Highly recommended. From 18.00pm


Birthday Party

Why not celebrating your birthday like Home ?

Why not starting off on the first floor with some appetizers, then dining on the ground floor and finishing off, upstairs for the cake and coffee ? 15 / 25 / 35 People. the more we are, the better is this event !

New year Eve
24th of December

The chef Thomas presents
his menu for the New year eve

Restaurant can be privatized for a large group.
Up to 30 people (seated); more when a buffet is set.
Dinning room; function room and 1st floor available ( living room)

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Thursday, 5th December 2019

French restaurant opens in Termonfeckin

Front Page

Proprietors of the newly opened World Gate Restaurant in Termonfeckin Stan (left) and Chef Thomas.

The World Gate Restaurant opened its doors for business for the first time yesterday in Termonfeckin. The proprietors are two French men, Stan and Thomas, who are both very ambitious and have their sights set on achieving a Michelin star. At least one!

Stanislaus (Stan) Danthouard and Thomas Fleury have put many weeks of hard work preparing for their new venture and were both very pleased with the turnout for a special official opening event which took place last Sunday.

“We were delighted with the turnout” said Stan. “There were about 300 people through the door on the day including the Mayor and the Deputy Mayor.

“All the food we prepared was eaten and we got some very encouraging comments” said Thomas who is classically trained in French Cuisine and has worked in the business for 22 years in restaurants all over the world including Germany, Spain. USA and of course, France.

Thomas’ last job was as chef in the world renowned three Michelin starred restaurant L’Esperance in the French town of Vezelay in the north-central French region of Bourgogne-Franche-Comté.

The pair have some great ambitions for their new business at the very heart of which is great cuisine. They boast that The World Gate is the only restaurant serving genuine French cuisine in Counties Louth and Meath and North Dublin.

“I want to introduce the people of the locality to a new style of cuisine, one that they may not have experienced before” said Chef Thomas.

“I’ll be using only the freshest of ingredients and all of it is being sourced within ten kilometres of the restaurant.

The interior of the new World Gate Restaurant with Stan getting ready for the first service.

“We’ll start off with the basics of French Cuisine and gradually move on from there as guests get acquainted with the French style” he said

The Mantra at The World Gate, which is just inside the gates of An Grianan, is fresh and local served up at a price that is affordable. The ambition is to achieve a Michelin Star. “At least one!” Thomas laughs.

The overriding theme is French but Stan and Thomas will also be doing special Spanish, Portuguese and other European nights with musical accompaniment from time to time.

“It will be Spanish or Portuguese alright, but cooked with a French Technique!” says Thomas.  

Dessert anyone?

Stan, who is from the Picardy region of France, is a business studies graduate and has been living and working for multi nationals in Ireland for the past 12 years.

He has long wanted to open his own business and he spotted what he considers to be a gap in the market for a restaurant offering genuine French cuisine at a reasonable price.

“Together Thomas and I will bring new dishes to an Irish clientele” he said. “We’ll be providing what will be a new dining experience to many Irish people. We hope to grow the business slowly and bring change slowly over time.”

You can check out The World Gate Restaurant on their web site or Facebook

But, better still, call them to make a reservation on (041) 988 1474. They can cater for anythinig from a table for two, a family table for eight, right up to a party for 30 people.

The World Gate Restaurant which is just inside the gates of An Grianan in Termonfeckin.

Opening Day

Wednesday the 4th of December 2019
from 6.00PM

Saturday 7th evening is already booked !

Our Opening Day

1st of December 2019
12.00pm until 18.00PM

Enjoy a sample of our menu.

Complimentary food & drink tasting.