chicken goujon, served with fries

Kids menu

We propose a traditional variety of dishes that kids loves, with a special discount applied to their meal.
  1. Beef steak burger on brioche bun. plain or with cheese. Ketchup sauce.
  2. three Fried Chicken goujon   on brioche bun. ketchup sauce.                 

All served with french fries ( wheat, egg) and some mini sausages and cheese.


ice scream with cone

a raspberry and white choocolate tartlet chocolate bar..

For a large family or from 5 adults, this is recommended to:
1 -  pre book your table so we can get organized and
2 - to re order your meal to reduce your waiting time


Mini dishes have become a tradition in our society
as they are easy to share and sufficient for any small appetite.

Trio of scallops
  scallops and prawns