French Chocolatier

As part of our new initiative, The World Gate wishes to present you, one of our best pastry-chef from France.
So you try something different for this end of year 2021

We would love to present you Monsieur Alain Chartier, "best Craft-man of France", from Brittany.

He has created a tasty selection of Milk and dark chocolate with load of flavors.

Limited edition

Assortment of Chocolate

Our choice

This is a selection of 14 chocolate bonbons.  Milk and black chocolate.
Ganaches, Pralines et Caramels coated with Chocolate.

Alain Chartier

Originally from Brittany, Alain Chartier discovered his passion in 1988, when I met Monsieur Litou in Challans in the region of Vendée.
Then he spent 2 years at the Pastry national school in Yssingeaux to develop his skills.
After many years of practice, Alain Chartier became the "best apprentice in the region".

Competition won:
- 1999: The world cup of pastry
-  2000: Best craftman of France/ "Meilleur ouvrier de France"
- 2003: The world Cup (ice cream)

In 2009, He opened his own Pastry school in Theix to teach his passion to others.
And recently he joined the restricted association of international dessert in 2013.


Price: 25.00€ per box
To order your box of chocolate, please contact the restaurant.

Only the best of France for you !

For online Payment:

Box can also be shipped (shipping cost in extra).


black chocolate : lécithine de soja), chocolate milk sugar  butter;  nuts; Pièmont noisettes , almond, caramel ( sucre , glucose), vanilla de Madagascar, strawberries plougastel, Litchis mixés, apple (wheat, sugar,  gingembre, licorice, cafe grains ( rice , sucre, sel, barley malt)  sarrasins, sésame, grilled peanuts, salt.


soja , milk, fruits à coques, arachide, sésame , gluten