New menu 2022

For this new menu 2022,
 We have mixed  the wild Atlantic way of Brittany with the sunny days from the south of France on the Irish soil.
You may also find New Desserts and Specials on our new menu.
with a Jazz music ambiance.

To Start with ...
Prawn cocktail 8.00€
with a delicious cognac rosemary sauce 
Pork rillette Paté
Vegetable Soup
Charcuterie board

Let's continue with..

Main course
  Our Monkfish  17.90€

Fried pieces of Monkfish, flamed with Cognac lying on a bed of Courgette, leeks and a rich tomato lobster sauce.  Served with mash potatoes.

Monkfish, cognac, lobster, Prawn,
( Dairy, Fish, Sulfit, crustacean, flour)

"Beef Bourguignon stew" 21.00€

Tender chunks of Beef slow cooked within Red wine  with carrots, bacon and baby potatoes.  (Sulfides)

Our Poultry  16.50€

“Popular chicken recipe used in the south of France in the region of Pays Basque”

 Marinated Chicken Breast filled with meat stuffing and bacon lying on a bed of bell peppers, tomato sauce and peach cube served with gratin dauphinois and chorizo sauce.

( milk,nuts, flour)

  Grilled Fillet steak 29.50€

Grilled fillet steak with served with Gratin Dauphinois.

Some additional topping will be added on the chef choice. 
Served with a cognac mushroom Pepper sauce.

(Young adult can eat Sirloin steak at 20€)

Seafood and Mushroom Risotto 19.50€

Tender risotto rice with a variety of mushrooms, Asparagus, onion, parmesan cheese and white wine served with a Mix vegetable.

Vegan risotto available

(Contains Sulphite, crustacean)


Ending with..

Evening dessert 7.00€

Crème brulée (Milk, egg,)

Raspberry and white chocolate cheesecake (milk)

Ferrero rocher cheesecake (milk)

french cheese board:  7.50€

cafe gourmand : espresso with macaroons  9.15€

cup of ice cream: 3 scoops in a glass ( vanilla, chocolate, lemon) 5.5€

We can offer the whole menu for a group up to 4 people.
From 5 to 12 people we will apply the group menu.
Group a party higher than 12 people, please contact us in advance to get your special menu.

Due to the covid consequence, our kitchen has limited capacity to accommodate large group.

Evening Menu for Group 5-12 people

The list of allergens can be viewed here.

Any Table having more than 6 guests, would need to pre order their food.
This is due to Kitchen restrictions

French Wine List

Red Wine

- Languedoc region
"Les Grange rouge" (Grenache and Cab. Sauvignon) 26.50€
- Pays' Oc region
"Preignes le vieux" (Cabernet sauvignon) GLS 8.00€ 29.00€
- Pomerol Bordeaux region
Les colombiers de Feytit Clinet (Merlot, Cabernet Franc) 54.00€

Chef's recommendation
Crozes Hermitage AOC (Syrah) 39.50€ GLS 9.50€
List Grand cru on request.

White wine

- Picpoul de Pinet region
"Domaine Felines Jourdan" (picpoul) GLS 8.00€ 28.50€
-Chablis AOC region (chardonnay)
Domaine Seguinot, Bordet 45.00€

Chef's recommendation
Pouilly Fumé AOC Domaine Masson- Blondet (Sauvignon Blanc) 39.50€ GLS 9.50€

Rose wine

Coteaux du languedoc region
"Chateau Haut Rian rosé" (Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon) GLS 8.00€ 28.50€

A celebration?

- Blanquette de Limoux
"antech Cuvé Reserve Brut 35.00€ . Celebration by the Glass of champagne (10.00€)
- Champagne AOC region
Charpentier Brut Prestige 74.50€. Available also in Pink Champagne

Our "New "Cocktails
Our French Kir.... (Kir, with champagne, passion fuits)
Cocktails: Sex on the Beach; Mojito, Cosmopolitain, blue lagoon, Marguerita
Aperol Spritz
Gin and tonic....
A group above 6 persons, a service charge of 10% will be kindly asked.