New Online booking system.
Once we receive your preference, we shall come back to you as soon as possible to confirm or amend your day
and hours.
Best to book days in advance  or early at 6.00pm to avoid last minute change.
Dine in area are : Ground floor; lounge (1st floor); outdoor (marquee)
Due to the regulation, Restaurant shall close door at 11.00pm sharp.
Thank you for your reservation !

Opening hours

Monday & Tuesday : Closed

Summer Opening hours (Dine in)
Wednesday - Saturday
From 12.30pm - 14.30pm and 18.00pm - 23.00pm
From 13.00pm - 20.00pm

Please  use the form below to book your seat for your dine in experience
 or for your private celebration or for the event made by the World Gate

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an Grianan


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Telephone (opening hours only)

Check our Facebook page or our  tweet to get last news or (table) availability !

Voucher : Terms and conditions
A receiver of gift card, already paid, may enjoy the meal at the level of the amount mentioned in that card.
If the final bill is higher, than the amount mentioned on the card, the difference is due to the restaurant.
If the amount due is lower than the voucher received, a new voucher can be issue if the amount is above 15€
The voucher or gift card is valid once, valid for 12 month maximum and cannot be exchange against cash.