Coffee shop/ Bistro

The World Gate has heard your voice during the pandemic
and this is why,
we have now created a simple and short menu for the weekdays.

Lunch and evening.
You may also get this menu take-away. Just gives a call.


What is on the menu ?

For our everyday lunch, you will find a quality steak, a fish dish, a variety of Burgers with our French touch'; a salad and more.
No big fuss here. It's comfort food.
Price wise, it's only from 11€ to 14€.

No need for booking, just pop up !

On the Go

You may have your coffee, regular or diary free with a small treat.
You will have a choice between our pastry and a variety of quality ice cream.

"Gluten Free" or Vegan option also available

Opening hours

wednesday to sunday
from 12.00pm - 5 pm