Weekend Breakfast

Starting Late July, The World Gate is now offering a breakfast service on Sunday.
From 9.00 am until 11.15 am.

Simple as  “Coffee  and Toast” 4.50€

Sweet French Breakfast  4.50€

One Butter Croissant or 2 Brioche or  Belgium waffle slices.


Classic “Eggs & Toast” 7€

3 Scramble (or fried) eggs with 2 Toasted bread, served with Tea or black coffee.


Croque madame sandwich 5.00€

2 slices of bread, mayonnaise, ham and cheese, one fried egg.


Full Omelette 8.50€

3 scramble eggs with Ham, cheese, onion, mushroom, pepper & tomato.

House Breakfast 10€

Scramble eggs, sausages, bacon, beans, black pudding

Vegan Breakfast 9.00€

Granola and oat milk served with fresh fruits, nuts, honey served with toasted bread

Add ½ avocado slice (3€)

Kids Breakfast  5€

Chocolate Nesquik with milk or Hot chocolate

Served with 2 pancakes

Condiment: Honey, sugar, marble syrup or Nutella

Please note, as we have our  our lunch service starts from 12.00pm,
We will kindly ask you to free your table from 11.30 am. Thank you

Timetable for Saturday Breakfast is to be confirmed.