Bistro and coffee

For your every day meal, The World Gate has elaborated a separated menu from your big nights.
It's creamy, full of vitamins and really Tasty.
Meal are subject to change.

Take-out also available. Please look at the bottom of this page.

Wednesday to Sunday
Lunch:      12.30pm - 3.30pm
Evening:      17.30pm - 21.00pm
Sunday: from   1.00pm - 20.00pm
Landline: 041 988 1474

Something light


Butter squash, B. Potatoes, carrots, cream served with a slice of bread.5€

Club sandwich Deal 

Grilled Brown bread, Chicken with paprika, bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado, eggs, mayonnaise served with fried potatoes.   Get also your free soft Drink. 7.50€

Mussel’s pot

§ Fresh mussels with garlic, white wine sauce served with a slice of bread. 9€

Lunch Hot meal


Poultry  13€ 

Oven baked Chicken breast, lying on a Creamy mustard sauce with onion and white wine with baby potatoes. Contains Mustard

Duo of Fish 14.50€

Clogherhead Cod and salmon lying on white wine sauce with mussels, carrots, and Tagliatelle pasta. Contains fish, crustacean


Individual quiche and Mixed Salad

Creamy Quiche made of Leek, smoked salmon, goat cheese and cream

Served with a colorful salad: Mix leaves, tomatoes, boiled egg, mozzarella, black olives, bread crouton, nuts, strawberry, cucumber, dressing  Gluten free. Allergen milk, nuts.

Frenchy Burgers



Irish Beef steak (8Oz), Reblochon and mozzarella cheese, Bacon, confit onion, pickle, lettuce, burger sauce.

served with fried b. Potatoes



Vegan steak, Aubergine, courgette, grilled pepper, goat cheese,  mozzarella, honey, lettuce.

Vegan mayonnaise sauce

served with fried b. Potatoes.

For your evening

You will have the choice on all above, plus some starters.
Please have a look on our menu on that time.
starts at 17.30pm

French patisserie

Get a fine Patisserie made by a French pastry chef!
Our selection start with:

- Opera
- Raspberry dome cheesecake
- Chocolate tart with sea salt caramel

And some beautiful slice of cake:
- Tiramisu cake
- Strawberry cheesecake (called "charlotte aux fraises");

Homemade desserts

Apple and Pear Tart

Apple puree, pear fruit, apricot jam. Gluten        

Duo Chocolate Mousse with cointreau liquor

Dark chocolate, White Chocolate with Cointreau liquor (orange flavour). may contain nuts, Egg. (Gluten free)

   Ice cream in a Glass cup

Pick 3 flavors of your choice. (Please check for availability)

All desserts at 5€


On Wednesday-Thursday :  Bistro menu Only.
On Friday & Saturday, Sunday: Fine dining and Bistro menu
Friday&Saturday evening: last order is 4.00 pm for the bistro meal.
Please call : 041 988 1474

 The time to prepare your meal would be 20-30 min.

due to limited staff, thank you for sending your order in advance to the rush hours. ideally before 5-5.30pm

Pick up only.