Our 1st floor can be used to have a relax meal between friends;
and cater for your own celebration!
See below a variety of examples.

Marcin W Photography
Marcin W Photography

special occasion (in door)

from a private occasion to the big party, our restaurant is yours ! from  7 to +20 people, everything is possible!
Starting celebrating inside and continuing outside  under our new marquee...
Let's do an unique experience for your birthday or communion!

at the World Gate

Just between you two or  among  15 friends or more, YOU have the right place here!.

A cozy place or the full floor for your own party, you decide !
Bring your own decor; good memories; your ambiance and the set menu you want from us!
Everything is personalized, just like you wish!
Feel free to chat with us for more details.

Celebration (outdoor)

If you have a celebration at home,  (birthday or first communion), or elsewhere, you can ask us to cater for that special day!
We provide excellent amuses bouche; "mini four" (tappas) meals and desserts.
Bring a quality meal to your guest.
Good food. No hassle, your choice !

Catering event :
Amuses bouche, buffets & entertainment
at the restaurant.

Corporate event  - private party

Bring a chef at home !

We are exporting our cuisine directly to your home.

Celebration; corporate event, we can cater  for man people.
Bring a quality chef at YOUR PLACE for YOUR EVENT.

Banquet & buffet & "amuse-bouche". Hot and cold meals...

Get a fine cuisine for your event.

For a group of 7 - 12,  the Booking fee is 120€.
Pre-order is required in advance, minimum 48h prior the event.
Special cake can also be ordered

For larger group, the restaurant can be privatized.