Our 1st floor can be used to have a relax chat between friends;
having just a break after  golf trip or beach trip
To see some exhibitions and lives entertainment
and making your own celebration!

Marcin W Photography
Marcin W Photography


at the World Gate

Just between you two or  among  15 friends or more, YOU have the right place here!.

A cozy place or the full floor for your own party, you decide !
Bring your own decor; good memories; your ambiance and the set menu you want from us!
Everything is personalized just like home !
Feel free to chat with us for more details.

Corporate event  - private party

Bring a chef at home !

We are exporting our cuisine directly to your home.

Celebration; corporate event, we can cater  for man people.
Bring a quality chef at YOUR PLACE for YOUR EVENT.

Banquet & buffet & "amuse-bouche". Hot and cold meals...

Get a fine cuisine for your event.