French and European Cuisine

A dining experience to remember
"Our cuisine uses  Fresh, local Irish produce with our French touch. Your time to relax and treat yourself"
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Tournedos Rossini with foie gras and Truffle

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Introducing Coffee shop experience during the week days.

Be kind on each other, the covid hits us hard.
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About us

The World Gate, is a door we open to a different culture....... flavor....ambiance.
With the expertise of a French headchef, our restaurant want to be a French restaurant first but also, an experience to a different culture with our touch ! Different thematic will be offered during the year..we will keep you posted !

All of our Dishes are made and prepared in our kitchen, so we can offer a large diversity of meals for you to try something....different.

With An Grianan, we have the place to have good food, good music and good entertainment for you.

Stan "I wish to bring an unique dining experience in An Grianan. Great meal and Great entertainment."
Thomas "My cuisine combines flavors & techniques...Entirely homemade...using best locals Irish products."

A little bit more about our headchef...

After years spent in luxury  hotels & Restaurants, in France and abroad, I have decided to come back to the root of the French cuisine using the wonders of Irish produce.

I met local Fisherman and meat producers  to cook simple, healthy and delicious dishes with my French touch!

You are very welcome to try or re-discover our French  traditional dishes and our European dishes seasoned with Fresh Fishes,  Irish meats & vegetables that I have, daily, chosen for you.

Our local Producer

We source our ingredients from local producer whenever it is possible.
Fishes and seafood are coming from the port of Clogherhead and Dublin. Our fresh Vegetables and herbs comes from Dunleer and meat producer from Irish producer in Louth. Our Wine expert is an Irish base company which  imports directly from France.. Our local partners thanks you as well for your custom!

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